Operations Manager to Embracer Groups Games Archive

Games – An industry with history

Games and the gaming industry have been around since the seventies when pioneers such as Magnavox and Atari began an amazing journey, today this journey has taken us to a point where games are seen as culture and a big part of many people’s lives. Gaming consoles, games and accessories deserves to be recognized as cultural history and given the proper attention.

To Embracer Group and founder Lars Wingefors the love for games is great, therefore Embracer Group wants to contribute to preserving the history of games. The games collection has through the years grown to be significant, and now it is time to start archiving and planning for its future. Read more about the collection here.


Operations Manager – Game Archive
As Operations manager you are responsible for the entire business, both operationally and administrative. Your responsibilities cover economy, budget, administration, and responsibilities over staff. The foundation of this role is also based on the interest in games and the history of games.

The role also involves:

  • To create abilities practically and technically for storing, cataloguing, and archiving.
  • Responsibility for possible future exhibitions.
  • Manage communication related to the archive.
  • Being point of contact in the group for the collections.
  • Manage media relations related to the business.

Who are we looking for?

To be successful in this role we believe that you have experience from leading a business where you have worked close to the operation. Perhaps you have experience from a startup or have been a part of building a company. You are also a person with a great interest in games, you have probably been gaming since you were young, and you have a passion for games and its history. You are probably a person who collect games, and you like the challenge to make the collection complete. Your interest ranges from home-PC from the early eighties to the era of the 32-bit games. To open boxen with electronics that has been hidden for decades gives you great satisfaction. Our vision is that the three positions will overlap each other, and you all will have the opportunity to work with what you love the most, games.

Furthermore, you need:

  • Experience from budget
  • A sense for set-up and order.
  • Experience from personnel responsibility.
  • Skills in marketing and communication.
  • Some experience and knowledge in IT-related systems.
  • Some knowledge of warehousing and logistics.
  • It is preferable if you have entrepreneurial skills and a sense for aesthetics.

Are you also a person with a positive attitude and love for games, you are more than welcome to send in your application.

The position is located in Karlstad and is on 100 %.

Please hand in your application by using the form in the ad, no later than 2021-06-20. For further questions about the position please contact Sara Magnusson, or Erik Ramström. Sara.magnusson@qtym.se , erik.ramstrom@qtym.se . +46-54-14 18 00.

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